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8 Drivers of Business Value

Financial Performance

Your history of producing revenue and profit, together with the standard of your record keeping.

Growth Potential

The likelihood that you can drive predictable growth for your business in the future and at what rate.


Understanding just how dependent your business might be on any one employee, customer or supplier.

Capital Intensiveness

The amount of capital required to operate your business, versus its capacity to operate from regular cash flow.

Recurring Revenue

The proportion and quality of automatically recurring revenue your business collects each month.


How well differentiated your business is from other competitors in your market or industry.

Customer Satisfaction

The likelihood that your customers will re-purchase and also refer you to potential prospects.

Operational Systems

How your business would perform if you were unexpectedly unable to work for a period of three months.

Sean provided us with amazing insights that helped us achieve a sale price for our company that exceeded our wildest expectations.

– Marg & Homer Simpson

Develop Predictable Systems

Predictable outcomes drive valuable businesses. Predictable systems drive those predictable outcomes. Learn and master the 8 drivers of business value.

Build a Salable Business

Whether you intend to sell your business or not, making it salable by developing systems builds value for you as an owner. Drive your business to increased value.


Satisfaction Guarantee

Our goal is to help you develop a totally predictable, systems driven, salable business

Systems permit ordinary people to achieve extraordinary results predictably.

Michael Gerber
Author, The E-Myth


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